Hunting Success: A Story and Photo Behind a Shoal Creek Elk Mount.

March 25, 2018

It was the last Thursday in February and the elk draw had just posted. The odds for drawing that year were slim but she managed to grab an elk tag and leave her California home to enjoy a wonderful week in Wyoming. This meant that not only would she work hard to build up an endurance for the vast mountain range we hunt (which we so greatly admire in a guest), but also would brace herself for the cold contrasted weather we experience here, not found in the western coast. Fast forward to the last week of the season, middle of her hunt, and we 

 got to experience the moment of a lifetime. A migration of elk. She not only took home some meat for her freezer, but also one of the nicest bulls we've seen. This amazing mount she choose will always be a reminder of how hard she worked to defeat the harsh elements in Wyoming. It symbolizes the determination and heart she gave to us mixed with the our knowledge and appreciation of a genuine woman we will call our friend for years to come. (Names are withheld with respect to privacy). 


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