September – October

Hunting Trips

Shoal Creek Outfitters is very unique. Unlike most outfitters, we don't have just one camp in one area, we have four camps in four areas.  Two of these camps are South Of Jackson and the other two are North Of Jackson. All hunts are done on horseback (to be able to travel the vast area that Shoal Creek Outfitters hunts). We will provide gentle, sure footed, and mountain-wise horses to carry you on your trip. In addition to great horses, Shoal Creek Outfitters provides a knowledgeable able guide that has hunted in the area for several years. All of these elements combined, will insure a quality hunt with high success rates!

Shoal Creek Outfitters offers 7-day hunts into the Teton Wilderness and Bridger-Teton National Forest with two hunters per one guide or a private guided trip. We provide hunts out of a solely pack-in camp in the Teton Wilderness and two base camps in the Teton Wilderness and Bridger-Teton National Forest. Shoal Creek Outfitters takes great pride in harvesting quality bull elk.


Shoal Creek Outfitters offers 7-day, two hunters per one guide or private guided Mule Deer hunts in the Bridger-Teton National Forest. We hunt the high elevations for quality mule deer in the Gros Ventre Mountain range.

Shoal Creek Outfitters offers 5-day Antelope, two hunter per one guide hunts in area 86. Antelope hunts are great for an add-on to elk or deer hunts or for people that have trouble with mobility in the high elevations. This will give you a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery Wyoming has to offer and harvest a quality buck antelope.


Shoal Creek Outfitters offers 5-day, one hunter per one guide spring bear hunts off of a bait site. The areas we hunt are known for producing color phase bears. Hunters stay at a hotel in Jackson Hole.  We use a truck and trailer to transport us to the back roads and then leave for about an hour horseback ride to the bait site. Hunting primarily evening provides time to enjoy the beauty of Jackson Hole with your family or your significant other.

Shoal Creek Outfitters offers 10-day, one hunter per one guide Sheep hunts in area 7. You will hunt either from a Spike camp or we have the availability of hunting from our established camp sites. Shoal Creek Outfitters understands that a sheep license is a once in a life time tag for most people, so we put our heart and soul in our sheep hunts!


Shoal Creek Outfitters offers 10-day, one hunter per one guide moose hunts in areas 21 & 22. Hunts are from one of our established camps. Shoal Creek has a history of producing quality moose and it is our goal to keep the tradition going!


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